01 / 06 / 2022
Accreditation of the International Maritime Sciences Academy as an approved Marlins testing and certification center.
International Maritime Sciences Academy is interested in expanding the field of training and services provided to students of the College of Maritime Transport by authenticating the certificate granted by Marlins as a leading centre in the fields of Maritime English language tests and creating training opportunities in the fields of the maritime transport industry. Marlins also provides the opportunity to enhance and support training courses and workshops for the management of transport units. It also helps provide a trained workforce with specialized training according to the requirements of the maritime transport market.
Thus, the Academy is now one of the accredited centres in Egypt and Africa by Marlins, which in turn is accredited by the UK MCA.

The certificates granted are:-
1 - Certificate of Foreign Language Test for Seafarers
2 - Certificate of Foreign Language Test for cruise ship staff.
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