• Subsidiary to the International Maritime Organization ( IMO )
• Tax card number 5-1820-192-00-10
• Commercial Registration No. 2227507
* An ageerment between international maritime science and jordan Academy for maritime studies for issue jordan seaman book
  and Marine certification
• holds a license and authorization from the State of PANAMA under Resolution No. (DGGM-02-2009)
• holds a license and authorization from the State of Belize under Resolution No. (MTC 0033 \ 09)

Academy targets :
1. Rehabilitate, training and preparing students and naval personnel to work on a commercial ships and yacht cruises
2. Strengthen maritime business sectors with youth to make the most
3. Help yacht owners to solve all technical and scientific problems
4. Help all maritime sectors in the provision of scientific and practical advice in the relevant field
5. Aid in raising individual skills and strengthen their abilities in order to benefit their
6. State Rehabilitation of young graduates, according to all local and international requirements generally accepted
     which motorcade modern scientific and the future
7. Reduction of the unemployment problem, and open new ways to work with different sight, according to the changes required
8. State aid to self-sufficiency of its youth, which have effects greatly to its dependence on its cadres
9. Raise the level of scientific knowledge and the process of young people, students and fueled their mental abilities
10. Raise the level of efficiency through the share of scientific and intellectual process in various marine fields
11. Development of creative thinking and lift the spirit of scientific research among young people to make the most of future

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